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Tsunami Glassworks specializes in creative solutions in decorative glass and glass related products. Using mold blown, or free blown glass techniques Tsunami Glassworks provides sculptural and functional accessories for residential and commercial spaces around the world.

Tsunami’s crew designs and fabricates glass products that reference sculpture and incorporate utility. They combine organic forms with bright colors and a tactile finish. The result – gorgeous products which: help bring art into daily life, confirm how color can lift a mood; show how important a role light plays with the glass; can easily help creating scale by being grouped together. Described by many as an approachable luxury, Tsunami’s philosophy is reflected in the consistency and perseverance of its designs - incorporating form, colour, and nature into graceful objects with the hope that they will be accessible to everyone, and enjoyed by a broad audience.

All designs are crafted in our facility located in Windsor, ON, Canada by our skilled crew.

Our online store is designed to have our inventory available for clients to enjoy in their homes and offices. For commercial or trade projects please visit our COMPANY WEBSITE for a complete list of services and products:



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